Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A year ago

It has been a year since my first post in MyReflexArc. It is an effort, if it is deserve to be called so. From nothing to something is creative. From something to a better thing is inovative. Neither both include me in the category. Bloging thing has been done by many people in many ways all over the world. It could be just a seasonal trend but writting is my whole life passion. The different is just the medium i'm into. As my all-time-favourite quote by Ayu

"sedekahkan setiap sendi-sendi kita pada Islam".

These phalangese of mine, are doing what they afford to do. All the posts are reflexes which I tried to benefit it. Every time there is stimulus which hits me, I will come up with a subject to write. But everytime I try to write, miss brain is working and asking me is it my emotion or my rational which affect my point of view. It helps me a lot! Rethinking and reanalizing. What is right and what is wrong? They say and they say, but what Islam say? All these questions grow me up. And for this post, the stimulus is the archive and my sensory cotex is asking how number 23(until August 2009) differ from 10 (2008). Is it the quantity or quality? How it helps others even in a tiny dot?

May Allah pleased with us! Thanks a lot to the readers for reading and comments.

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