Monday, August 31, 2009

Today two years ago


Today two years ago, I’m in KLIA in a very last moment before MAS chartered flight took me to the historical land in this historical day. 31st August 2007- Cairo, here I come.
The significant of this day is more just than the parade, independence tv show and a shout ‘MERDEKA’ which sometimes some people just sang it loud for nothing. Even if we ask, they could just simply answer
“It’s independence day, man!”
Today two years ago, when the journey begin, I never knew where it will heading me to. INDEPENDENCE. SELF-GOVERNMENT, SOVEREIGNITY, LIBERTY.
I learn about liberty of thought.
“All words could be accept or reject except the Rasulullah’s” -HASSAN AL-BANNA

I learn about liberty in action. Free from taqlid without dalil (following blindly). I learn to be independent. Independ from crowd-favourite mind to He-favourite.
It is not just independence day. Now, I see that my land is not just Malaysia, it is where my brothers and sisters defend 'La ilaha illallahh'

Ghazah is my hometown.
Baghdad is my playground.
My sister is living in Cape Town.
I would one day visit my nanny in Xin Jiang and mygrandpa in Bombay.
Dignity of Malaysia depends on how it carries the dignity of Islam..
Why Islam? I’m not bias but I do follow the rules : we should learn from history. Islam is the only solution which unite Muslim, Jews and Christians in Madinah. Islam liberated the Ortodoks of Constantinople from oppression by their own people. Islam freed Christians in Spain from the cold-hearted rulers. First, believe in syahadah. If you don’t want then, you will pay the jizyah, Islam guaranteed your blood and properties.
Development would bring us nowhere without genuine human source. Of course, we don’t need corruption. Not by Ringgit, not even corruption of position, responsible and time. How, roti canai and teh tarik would easily lead a teacher into corruption. Leaving the duty or just late for 10 minutes where the class should’ve been started

Those recent issue about kuil, canning by alcohol let all of us think, how far is the society from practicing the true way of life, are we truly liberate. It just like a parrot saying ‘MERDEKA’ while it is in the cage. A change should starts from the sketch. Begin from individual. This is how Rasulullah made it. Happy In-depend-ent!

Tugas siapa?

Everybody is blaming somebody, when nobody do what anybody could have done!

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SF said...


dear,myperkOngsian yang sgt menarik!!~ 6_9

10 Ramadhan 8H = Fathul Makkah

kebetulan,10 Ramadhan 1430H = 31 Ogos 2009...

fathul makkah,kemerdekaan sebenar =)

1) pembebasan drpd pengabdian sesama manusia kpd pengabdian kpd ALLAH...
2) pembebasan drpd kezaliman agama kpd keadilan Islam
3) pembebasan drpd kesempitan dunia kpd kelapangan janji dunia & akhirat