Thursday, September 30, 2010

Firing new year

Today is the first day ever we've finished our class before 12pm since the beginning of 4th year. Alhamdulillah, can't stop smiling.

"Welcome, O welcome 4th year!"
Not too late I think.

It is inter-season change right now, the summer is over and the winter is yet to come. What a pleasant weather to start a new year. ^^ This 4th year of medical school, I begin with Community Medicine round then Ophtalmology, ENT and Forensic. It is a clinical year anyway. More interesting!

Being three years in Egypt, a list of questions come up. What have I done in these years? Muhasabah, muhasabah! Recheck, reevaluate. As what I learnt in Community Medicine,

 "Monitoring should be followed by immediate correction"

It is already half of the way. Can't believe, the time running fast. So selfish, yet the future is promising, InsyaAllah with lots of experience, love, tarbiyah.

The new year begin with new spirit. Full of enthusiasm. Full of stamina. The question is how to maintain this as the time past? How not to get tired and disappointed? How to smile when we make a mistake and in the same time eager to try again and again and again. The answer is also by a question.

What is our muntolaq?
Iman. We believe Allah created us and we are oblige to fulfill two tasks, as a3bid and khalifah.
Whenever we feel our iman is declining, recheck our iman. Is it healthy? Have we fed it properly? Are we striving the ajr from people or His? This iman would push us to MOVE!

Whenever we sad, he'll say "Allah is The All Hearing."
Whenever we feel lonely, he'll say "Allah is closer than vein."
Whenever we feel hurt, he'll say "you are just trying to immitate your beloved Rasul right? He have been hurt too"
Whenever, wherever, whatever... Never leave us alone, if we did not leave Him.

O dear me, please. Please, be nice to yourself. Don't hurt your iman, as that will hurt yourself.

~Indeed writing is a therapy  

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pieces of me

Thanks sis Raudhah <3

I smiled at her. She said, "I like this smile!" (the way I smile, seldomly smile like that. I just want to tease her because I love her jokes)

I told her, "I'm sad." (but smiling)

She told me, " Senyumlah ketika senang dan susah! Itulah tanda kekuatan"

p/s: new template? Sponsored by blogger..^^ Smile always. Rasuluallah always smile!

Friday, September 24, 2010

September Aku

Tarikh: 17 September.

Tempat kejadian : NADA

Sedang aku, madie, naa, fizaR, kinahM, cha 'training',

"Sanah helwa ya gamilah, sanah helwa ya gamilah....." bergemalah suara mereka-mereka yang berniat membuat aku 'menangis'.

Monday, September 6, 2010

PascaRamadhan = NatijahRamadhan


Ramadhan kareem.

Rabbana lakal hamd. Banyak perkara berlaku Ramadhan kali ini. Mengikut sejarahnya inilah kali ketiga aku berasa Ramadhan di Mesir. Apa lebihnya di Mesir?