Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plain...not so plain

My daily rehlah masyiya (wandering on foot?) from Abou Risy to Kasr El-Ainy had recorded thousands of stories with thousands of emotions. As for me, this 17 minutes walking distance is a 'muhasabah, thinking, learning-about-life, cherish-sensitivity moments'. To share you a scene, it may look 'adi and simple but it does touch my heart. As I walked passed the mahatah bus Abou Risy on my way back from school, the pakcik-pakcik there are shouting out loud after one another to attract people to buy their stuff (like pasar malam in malaysia). It is a plain secene but the colours comes when I saw their smilling faces. The one who's young and healthy, the one whose leg amputated sitting on a mat, the one whom I saw the signs of heavy burden in his face. Optimistic!

Allah would not change our destiny if we don't work
for it!

Perform your ibadah as if you will die tomorrow. Strive for your
life as if you will live thousands years more!

The scene poured drops of eves in my heart and I feel alife after my long lecture session. Everybody has right to feel optimistic about this life. Even you are pauper, not well educated, repeat the same mistakes again and again and repent again and again.
Allah will not be tired to give His forgiveness but you will be tired of asking it.

It just a scene which I'm myself don't know how to describe it precisely. Just sharing this, so that we can always look things around us differently through the lense of wisdom and iman!


Anonymous said...

dari SF,
salam rindu utk puteri ~~

update blOg slalu ye !!~ ^-^ sentiasa jatuh cinta dengan kata-katamu 6_9 dulu,kini dan selamany...insyaALLAH...syukuri & hargai anugerah kreativiti drNya ... (hugggg)

~EslamicQueen~ said...

dari umy..
salam rindu gak untuk putery :D

sntiasa jatuh cinta dgn kata-katamu jugak!
hermmm.. jga diri, JAGA AMAL.
doakan aku.
reuni0n di syurga, ameen.. :)