Monday, August 10, 2009

Refreshen the spirit of Ramadhan- battle

The battle will begin. Our own and within ourselves. Let us prepare ourselves so that we will surely win the battle.

Have we:

  • prepared a special quran to accompany us every minutes for the coming Ramadhan
  • taken the supplement and planned a healthy diet so that we will still energetic during fasting and be able to qiamulail at night
  • canceled unnecessary appoinments especially in the 10 last days of Ramadhan
  • cleaned and decorated our house as we will have a very special guest which is Ramadhan
  • rescheduled our timetable in oder to have more times with Allah
  • practiced waking up at night for qiamulail so that we will not be shocked in Ramadhan as we never did it
  • trying to control the anger

A simple checklist for pre-Ramadhan's candidates. Allhumma balighna Ramadhan, wa nahnu nasytaqu ilaika ya Ramadhan!

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