Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ubat Tak Sedap

It's going to be fullmoon soon. We're arriving the half season of the school of Ramadhan. It should be now, we're already comfortable and get used with our timetable and best diet for the best ibadah. If it's in school, the middle is always the best. Form 3 and form 4, don't think much, the school is ours. An enjoyable moment. Same goes here, do enjoy this little moment of the School of Ramadhan before we speed up faster and harder for the climax. Enjoy the ifthor, enjoy the tahajud and reciting al-Quraan.

As the bird twitt in the twitter, my youngest brother (4 years old) is ill by chicken pox or also known as varicella which highly contagious. He got it from my mother. It caused by varicelle zoster virus. He refused to take the antiviral and antibiotic. My parents forced him to take the fever med as his body temperature is rising. So what to do? He said,

"Biar Haziq sakit. Ubat tak sedap"

He did asked his babysitter,

"Tak ada ke ubat yang sedap?"

So, we follow our traditional petua, drink the coconut juice. Talking about coconut juice, my 5th year senior in Cairo, once went to Atabah. Then, at the 'Mahal 3Ashoir' (juice stall), it stated 'Coconut Juice- LE..'. So this senior was excited. You know, how it felt if we found Ruzz bi laban at mamak stall? She never knew that there was also coconut juice in Cairo. So, she bought it. This coconut juice felt very different. It was oily, very creamy and it was white in colour. It was a COCONUT MILK! Drinking santan?

Do pray for my brother and all of us. May we deserve to be a faizzun and back to our pure fitrah at Eid Al-Fitri wal faizzun.. Best wish!


SF said...

=) cOmelnya haziq!!~

Puteri said...

tq, mewarisi tu.. hehe