Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Jihad 4 Love

One of my interest is to search image on motivational words in google. I would rather choose words like success, strive and so on, to be googled than islamic words such as jihad and so on. Why? It is such a sore for my eyes to watch those extreme porno cartoons by the misunderstood-about-islam-people. Pictures that humiliate Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, saying nonsense about suicide bombers and a lot more.

But, this time I’ve googled the word jihad. This picture caught my eyes.

click for the whole pic

A film : A Jihad for love. Interesting. I would like to know more, is it in the same genre with Ketika Cinta Bertasbih? Then, I begin youtubing it. A few words of description about the film come out… muslim –gay!

This contoversial film by Pervez Sharma potrays muslims guys as gays try to stand up for their right.

Slant magazine by Kevin Lee:

Alternating between nearly a dozen subjects situated in South Africa, Paris, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and India, the film captures numerous compelling stories of the struggle among Muslim homosexuals for the right to be accepted, or in some cases, to live: a gay imam is confronted on a talk show radio with death threats ("They must cut off his fucking arse" and "We should definitely bring back the death sentence for this guy"); an Egyptian is imprisoned and tortured for two years before seeking asylum in France, where even there he is reluctant to reveal his identity; and a gay Iranian escapes to Turkey, where he awaits his fate (asylum to Canada or extradition back to Iran).

I'm not accredited to talk about the law of Islam, but certainly know homosexual is forbidden and with a wise mind, it is bad for the society healthy and morally.

I believe that this is not the only bias product about islam which produced by illiterate. Some might just watch it as a documentary. Yup, it's about people themselves nothing about religion-principal but it can cause harm to Muslim's akidah. We were attack again and again and it will stay like that untill the rising of islam. It’s a lame and coward tactics but it is effective. Without a strong akidah (believe), then people start asking unnecessery question. If you’re a follower of u would know the Y (why) that matter and the Y that’s not…

Why Allah created women with hair if its not for a show?
Why we have to listen to our parents even we’re an adult, don’t we’re free at 18?

Why homosexual is not permitted in Islam, then why God give us this feelings?

It’s not the one whos asked to be blame, it is us that have to change. Maybe we always care about her scarf more than about her solat and syahadah? (I’m not saying scarf is to be ignored). It’s the matter of what’s more important. How the one who doesn’t believe that rice is a food would cook it?? You know sometimes people solat all his life but still commit crime. The lady who wear scarf still taking ecstacy. Those questions and problems need to be solved one by one. Person by person. It's about faith and tarbiyah (education). It's our shoulder to shoulder job! Our enemy are working. We have to work harder!

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