Friday, October 1, 2010

Blessing Friday

Today is friday, today is holiday, lots of work hey, hey, hey! ^^

A few thing just happened:

  • Sand storm? Ribut pasir. Rumah berpasir. A very pleasant weather, just sandy. Today is a house-cleaning day...
  • Last night JPA's dinner with Malaysian Medical Council and Ministry Of Health was interesting with brand new information on medical career. Firing spirit! Let us be the best, serve our nation. It is a way of da3wah right? Muslim is always the best!
  • My kak Nafisah just delivered her baby- Ulfah, and my kak Nadwa just announced her wedding!   
So a wise plan is needed for this two insyaAllah meaningful and hectic days. Refill time, may I move smoothly, dynamically cause there are lots of things to achieve!

Allah helps us, be your obedient servant...Amiin

p/s: riadhah with my beloved people at NILE <3
Don't forget al-kahfi.
I miss rain- in Kepala Batas, Segamat and Port Dickson 

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