Monday, July 12, 2010

A summer note (for myself)

Sometimes it’s really hard to be this invinsible figure you figure me to be
Cause I can feel the pain and when I’m cut I bleed mostly inside but lord knows I cry
I don’t lie I just keep it bottled inside I meet your eyes with a smile 
and you think I’m lion but I’m alive cause I can feel like you can feel with emotions 
still though it don’t show it’s real

~sounds of reason: shoulder to lean on

Allah The Most Merciful, may He gives us strength and guidance.
We just don't afford to be alone without His mercy. I've been planning to write more, so I can give more in my timid capacity. It just this summer, lots of other commitment or maybe it's me who's still lacking of the time, emotional management. I'm building my strength and insyaAllah we'll be back soon. Hopefully! 

I'm quoting a piece of word of Saiffudin Qutuz: 

Hope I'll be able to say it myself. How many time we've fall. How many time He gave us strength to stand up again. Believe in Him, don't lose hope. Get back again, and again, again until we reach our jannah...Amiin. 

I'm going to Ra's Sudr for PMPI. Please make dua' for us, may Allah grant our wish to be jeel jadid (a new generation).

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