Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Begin with ~self

He's The Lord

I have to say this,

Despite all the storm, Allah gives me shelters.
Despite all the tears, Allah gives shoulders.

Despite all the mistakes, Allah gives me loves... felt it from Him through His creations.

p/s: Lately I've reconnecting the bond of ukhwah with many people. The one I've seen from far, now beside me. The one I just smile at before, now I hug. The one i lost, now come back.

Allahu..Allahu..rabbana lakal hamd. As hadeeth, kama qal: Tegakkan islam dalam dirimu, nescaya ia akan tertegak di daulahmu

And a quote: Everything around you will change if you changed... 

~I dare to change because He gives me strength. 

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