Saturday, February 23, 2019

Manjalitis and azan

      Few months ago, Ive encountered a lady who planned for emergency caeserean section. Personally, she is one of the long lists of ‘manjalitis’ patient I would say. A very young mother, first baby and you know her character from the way she talk. She asks and worries like really a lot. Anyway, she consented for subarachnoid block so she remain awake throughout the operation.

     After I administered the block, lie her down comfortably, suddenly I saw her heart rate climbing up. Immediately I checked on her, “Puan ok ke?”
    She requested to hold my hand. After I touched her, amazingly her heart rate normalize. Realising that she might having some anxiety I tried to calm her down by asking her to pray for the safety of the baby, take a deep breath.

    Skin cut, rectus separated, almost uterus and she still holding my hand. Whenever I left, she became restless and tachycardic again. Actually I was a bit pissed off already, luckily she is stable and I have assistant around.

   When the baby almost out (I’ve been talking to her what are the surgeon is doing), she told me, “Dr, boleh azankan baby saya?”.

   I’m shocked actually, not because of the ‘azan’ that supposed to be done by the father. But, this is like the fist time ever I got this request. I have mixed feelings. I felt some kind of reminder from Allah. As if, it is not for the baby, but actually for me.

   I seldomly show my ‘judgemental’ attitude to others. But indeed, Allah speaks to you in a different ways. He knew what you revealed and concealed.

   May the baby grew up well, pious and healthy.

Love, much love.

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