Thursday, April 11, 2019

Throwback Turki 2014

day 1 2019


Alhamdulillah, perjalanan yang mengesani selama 10 hari di Turki.

Istanbul -> Bursa -> Denizli -> Pamukalle -> Nevsehir -> Ankara -> Bolu -> Istanbul

It’s a blessed 10 days with my family.

I went to Istanbul almost 5 years back. Of course it’s a different experience. Few things that remain the same are the serenity, awesome history, and its election season. Erdogan still leading at the top.

Back then I went with awesome companies from Egypt. A big group of girls, very efficient, thoughtful. We shared lots in common which is interest in Turki Uthmaniyah History. We crazily filled up with histories of  the ups of Turki Uthmaniyah empire until it succumbed to secularisme, and also modern Turki politics and social stories. It just a short 5 days trip but meaningful and has changed my perspective on Turki.

We spent more on Instanbul that time, only went out to Bursa and Pamukalle via Marmara Sea.

Few places that we went back then which I think very memorable and impactful on me are,
  •              Eyup (makam Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari)
  • .       War Museum
  • .       Panorama 1453 Museum
  • .       Bediuzzaman Sais Nursi (institute I assumed)

Pray that I can write more. Too much loaded inside.

Pray for the best. Let Allah do the rest!

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