Friday, June 27, 2014

Happiness is: Ramadhan is coming verrrry soon

   Hurtful confession. I've to repeat my D licence. I wonder what are the hikmahs behind this looked-easy-as-peanuts thing. Move on!

  Alhamdulillah then, it's Ramadhan coming our way. Am a bit relieved when there is something wonderful to be looked foward to. Missing student's life. Simple and free. Just focus! Ini kira single lagi. Wondering how would i survive in Kota Kinabalu without D licence, if I've meant not to pass? Ok, move on!

Continuing my ODOJ, answering pre Ramadhan question from halalify. Let me share a bit:


 1. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down what your ideal Ramadan would look like. What would that feel like? Keep in mind the following, “And your Rabb says, “Call upon me; I will repond to you.” [surah Al-Ghafir verse 60]

2. Set the timer for another 5 minutes and jot down what you want to achieve in the corresponding time slots.


3. Go back to each of the four life sections and circle ONE item that you feel would have the most positive effect on your dunya and akhira. Just ONE. Insha’Allah.

4. Take the goal you circled for “This Ramadan,” and write it in the bubble below. Set your timer once again for 5 minutes and begin to write down all the steps you must take in order to complete that task. Connect each step with a line to the bubble.

5. Look over each of the tasks you delineated above, and create a chronology by writing the number 1 next to the step you must take first, a number 2 on the task that must be completed next. Continue to do so until all the steps have a number attached to them.\

6. Now add due dates next to each step to make them time-bound and add them to the corresponding dates in the monthly calendar view. bonus: Also add them to your section of your daily viewbonus: Find an accountability partner to help you stay on track with your goals.

Rinse and repeat for any additional goals.

p/s: really, is there such person called 'superdaie-excellentdr' who doesn't owe a D licence?  ;) 

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