Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Past was passed and present is a gift

“Past was passed and present is a gift.”

Quoting this sweet motivational phrase, I wish to spread the fighting spirit which burning the hearts’ of the survivors of Kasr Al-Ainy Medical School. The exam blue do change the atmosphere as everyone trying to optimise and wisely use the left seconds revising and fixing the knowledge into the higher brain center. Less chit chatting, less sleeping…in class but maybe more eat? (yeah, brain needs glucose!). This phenomenon occurs annually. It is the time to see who is the loser, who is the warrior. Exam reveals many things actually…

The loser

“I wonder will I be in third year in the next season? In my
dream last night I saw I am holding my second year anatomy book. Oh, I’m
starting to tremor!”


“It is too late. Let just the flow run and we will see the result.
What will be will be. It just a matter of time”

Ya Allah save the ummah from these kind of syabab. Come on trust in yourself, if you ever fail before remember the famous quote,

“Cloudy days will leave and the sun will shine. Failure is not forever and
success is waiting!”

The utmost poverty is poor of determine power and lack of
–Mustafa Mashor-

Believe in yourself, believe in Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim, He who is The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful it will be half of the success. Ask from Him again and again. Cry with all your might. Stop wondering the indefinite things, syaitan would just whisper it again and again. Winning over the syaitan would be your first exam!

The warrior

“Success is optimising the opportunity. Success is striving to be a survivor.
Success is overcome emotional to be rational.”

A story. I have a friend (not the one you think, he is in Mars) who’s really not into biology. He is excellent actually but just not in biology. He is not studying biology much and one day he realise. It is not he can’t do it just he doesn’t want to. He’s having allergy with biology. With the left over time and as everyone is talking about the coming SPM which soon hit our faces, he is now playing. Playing with biology! He is flirting with biology now…all day long (quite exaggerating but the thing is he’s making an effort…the utmost one). The result came out and I don’t know his. But I think it wasn’t a bad one.

My view: He succeeded in overcoming his own emotion. He tried to cure his allergic. That’s real fighter.

Everyone has own definition on success. Just reminding you as you knew, success doesn’t last forever as your A’s in past UPSR leaving you might be a medal from your ibtidaii school. As my past success in cross-country (it is 13th place), I don’t know where my ibu keep the pink towel I won. What remain are the jewels we collected along the journey to hold a piece of effort: success. The jewel of sobr, as-sobrun jamil! The jewels of insisting and persisting. The jewel of building the strategy. The jewel of controlling the emotional. The jewel of resistance of peer and environmental pressure. Whatever your principle on success is just direct it to the real success. In the Day of Judgment, yaum la zhillu illa zhillullah, you are a FAZ. Do refer Ali Imran: 185.

Ask for victory by charity and prepare sobr in gaining the charity.
-Umar Al-Khatab-

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