Saturday, April 22, 2017

Keep going!

Nescafe at TH Hotel Souq Restaurant, macam Ustazah Effat punya nescaffe. Terbaik!

Fight the battle!
Sometimes sips of coffee will help.

I try to stop my caffeine intake since I have fine tremors and sometimes palpitation even upon rest.
Mind you my ECG, TFT normal. 
Unfortunately in those hard time, I crave for it. 
I don't have sweet tooth anyway.
I love coffee, less sweet. 

Sincere advise for myself.
Be strong as you always do!

Don't run away. Anyway you are leaving in August. But don't run away.

I know you are afraid of what is untold. 
You don't want to be hurt. 
Again, as what you've said before. 

"Sedikit lebih."
Doesn't it makes you one step closer to Allah?

Actually I'm planning for a bigger run Makkah and Madinah. May Allah granted!

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