Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Countless blessing

I'm thinking of the things I've done,
And everything I've chanced upon,
The ease of life I have for some many never come 

I'm working harder than you know
I put in all my heart and soul
But even those are things that he's bestowed 

Count them one by one
You'll never reach the end,
His blessings are more than we can comprehend! 

Sweet moments of glory, is all the eye can see
The truth of, the matter, cloaked by the unseen
This all comes, from some place, much greater than me

Hadha min fadhi rabbi

For me it comes as no surprise
When I reflect with open eyes
I clearly see the signs that I cannot deny

Whatever I've been blessed to do
Remember where the praise is due
And thank the one who is there for me all the time

Count them one by one
You'll never reach the end,
His blessings are much more than we can comprehend!

~Native Deen

For what I've been through, really, a major lesson that I've learned is, everything is in His hand. 
My job is to do the best I could. Thanks for everyone passing by, come and go from my short span of life. May Allah rewards you His best reward which is hidayah and jannah,
Thanks for being my teachers. 

Sometimes you don't need to be the best among people, but just strive to be the best for Him, he'll grant you the most unexpected things in your life and akhira.

Countless blessing.

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