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Full timer!

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To or to not?

Did you ever in that shoes? Amal Abdel Halim just make a decision by the to-be-or-not-to-be thing. She decided to be a full timer. Well, this is how Does My Head Look Big in This? begin.

Full-timer? Whenever I heard the term full-timer, it’s somebody who gives his life totally to his organization. An activist, such as Full-timer at Aman Palestin, but when it comes to Amal, she was thrown into a piece-of-cloth-dilemma. Nope, not piece of cloth but a badge of faith dilemma. A full-timer, that’s how she named those who wear hijab all the time, I mean all the necessary time (because there is question whether she wore it in the shower?!). How it was very challenging for a teenager whose really exposed to the westernize teenager lifestyle to bring up her own faith into identity without being alienated, without she herself being hypocrite. She did face the crush-cute-guy thing and try to handle it in her 16 years old emotion and Islamic faith. The jealous-annoying-beauty school rivals who’s questioning whether she was circumcised or not. All these, for being a full-timer! Untill here, did you feel the air of this novel? I won’t continue…^^

“Kita selalu tak appreciate apa yang kita ada bila ia datang macam tu je dalam hidup kita”

That’s more or less my roommate’s opinion when we shared “how did you get hidayah to be educate and to educate~ could not translate (ditarbiyah dan mentarbiyah??)?”.

Imagine, you always had that nose of yours nice and centeredly situated on your face. You might curse it sometimes, for having a dot of pimple or you might do the ‘Mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-who’s-the-highest-of-them-all’ thing. Ok, who want to talk about nose, afterall we’re asian? Just change it to teeth?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who’s the straight-line-fence-iest  (pagar) of them all”

But then, when it’s aching, u’ll cry and have cachexia! (for non-med, it’s a type of weight loss,effect cancer)

U might just say,

“O’ Allah, It’s ok for my tooth to bend a liiiitle, but please just let the pain go away!”

That’s how it is. I truly realize that I’ve been in a very comfort zone. It’s rather comfort when you’re having the Mr Hyde’s day, just by a glance to your dearie friends then you’ll remember Him. Subhanallahil a3zhim.

It’s not a sin for you and me being at a comfort zone. By the way it’s actually a gift. Allah gives you space and time to grow in the best pot, fertilizer and the best touch until you can reach the sun by yourself. A reminder for you and me, don’t ever neglect the beauty of Islam that’s in front of your eyes. Your dear mates who care about you, about your iman state, not just your weight!

So, after this big gift are you living for free? Peacefully flagging the banner “I’m on my way to jannah”, while there are thousands out there just hunger and thirst for the true way of Islam. It’s your responsibility. Yours! The one who grown up in the protected zone to step out with your power and identity of real muslim and show it to them.

I remind you, the number of sahabat during hajj wida3 were 140,00. Today there were only 10,000 of sahabat whose graves were at Baqi3, Madinah. So the rest? They were all over the world, preaching, teaching, showing the best part of Islam. They are global, you know? This term, we’re using nowadays. Yeah, they are so globalize in da3wah. So, why don’t you? It’s your primary-mates who astray in the world of jahiliyah. It’s your sister back at home, who doesn’t practice the muslimah attire.

Let us be a full-timer!

208. O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan). Verily! He is to you a plain enemy. ~Al-Baqarah

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